Delivery & Returns Information

/Delivery & Returns Information
Delivery & Returns Information 2014-07-12T18:45:43+00:00

How we ship your product(s)

Our company is dedicated to fast and efficient means of getting your order out to your medical office as soon as the order is received. Generally within a 24hr period up to 72hr period based on production and stock availabilty.
We will contact you if there is any further delay.

What shipping carrier do we use?:

Depending on the size of each order and time for delivery requested, we ship out our products priority mail.

Our Return Policy:

We guarantee your order, to be 100% accurate and the product shipped as described in operational and working condition. Shipping your products may, due to accident or neglect of the carrier cause, damage to the products. If this occurs, we will take the necessary steps to ensure your satisfaction and require the damaged product returned for replacement.

If you have any questions please Contact Us